August 1, 2014

A Day with Roman Harper

by Lauren Bailey

Some of you may have seen on our social media sites that Roman Harper, new safety for the Carolina Panthers, spent a day with CBCC recently to help us promote blood donation. We first met Roman at our annual Panthers "Keep Pounding" blood drive on 5/1, held annually in honor of Sam Mills (also a former Saints player).  The Panthers host this drive with us each year, but up until this year, we haven't had a player donate.  Roman, fresh from New Orleans, happened to be in the building when he heard that we had a blood drive going on.  He immediately showed up to donate. "I've been donating since I was in high school," he said.  "If I'm helping people, why wouldn't I give?" While he was donating, he talked with our staff about how much he enjoys giving blood and knowing that he's making a difference.  Roman, who has his own nonprofit foundation (Harper's Hope 4*1 Foundation) has a passion for community service and making a local impact.  Afterward, we asked Roman if he'd want to be a spokesperson for CBCC to help educate his new community about the importance of blood donation.  He not only agreed, but agreed to give us an entire day of his time! We met Roman at the Panther's training field where we introduced him to two of our patients - Max and Adam.  Adam battled cancer 5 years ago, used over 100 units of blood products, and is now cancer-free.  Max is a local sickle cell patient and has had to have several blood transfusions during his life to manage his pain crises. They were able to meet us out at the field, play ball with Roman, and take photos and videos that we will be able to share with our community soon! From there, Roman joined us at Levine Children's Hospital where he met several of our current patients, signed foam footballs, and was interviewed in the Ryan Seacrest Studios. Our final destination was CBCC where Roman volunteered to give blood again. Everyone at CBCC is honored and excited to have Roman Harper as a CBCC supporter, and we look forward to sharing more photos and videos soon!

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