July 31, 2015

Starting School Thanks to Donors Like You

by Constance Flynt

Sam was a healthy, active two year old when a large tumor was discovered in his abdomen. He was diagnosed with stage four neuroblastoma – an aggressive childhood cancer that affects around 700 children a year in the United States.

Fast forward three years later and Sam has undergone many courses of treatment, including multiple surgeries, chemotherapy, radiation and immunotherapy.  Blood and platelet transfusions have been a critical part of Sam’s treatment.

Thankfully, Sam now remains in remission, but the treatment for neuroblastoma is ongoing.  He continues to receive chemotherapy and is currently enrolled in a clinical trial in Kentucky.  Sam’s family has spent most of their summer away from their home in Morganton in order to be with Sam during this trial.  They are excited to be coming home soon, AND thrilled that Sam will get to start kindergarten shortly thereafter!


Sam and his family will experience this milestone thanks, in part, to local blood donors.

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