June 15, 2016

Together, we can do so much

by Martin

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller

The tragedy of the Orlando shootings struck me in an unexpected way. My first reaction was removed, simply chalking it up to another mass shooting in the U.S.; yet unaware of the scope. But as the details began to roll out, the full range of emotion and thoughts washed over me. It hurt and saddened me. As it continued to unfold, the need for blood and the response of blood donors lifted my spirits. It reminded of why I care so much about what we do at CBCC. 

On any given day, being here is to have the opportunity to, in the face of tragedy, make a difference. In the face of adversity, to do something powerfully positive. But most importantly, it is what we do together as a community when we collectively answer the need for help when lives depend on us. We are a community of donors, sponsors, blood collectors, medical professionals and others, working together to save lives.       

Fortunately, tragedy on a mass scale doesn’t occur every day. But the need for blood and the personal tragedies of patients battling cancer, needing transplants, suffering trauma, does. Lives depend on blood, lives depend on us, every single day.

What we do together, none of us can do alone; I love that. Moreover, we do it believing it is our honor to serve and support the lives of others, because it is good and right. Thank you for what you do and for what we do together. 

You give me hope when facing the adversities of life, because I know I am not alone in “this community.”

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