November 1, 2017

The Nuts and Bolts of Sickle Cell Disease Management


Carolinas Healthcare System hosted its 3rd annual Sickle Cell Symposium on Oct. 28 in Concord. “The Nuts and Bolts of Sickle Cell Disease Management” focused on the management of sickle cell disease with a general overview of the disease and case studies on its management.

Dr. Ify Osunkwo MD, MPH, is the medical director of the Sickle Cell Disease Enterprise at Levine Cancer Institute and the activity director of the Sickle Cell Symposium. Along with CBCC, Dr. Ify was a driving force behind the Carolinas Sickle Cell Collaborative. The Collaborative is a joint effort between CBCC and Levine Cancer Institute that works to match the 2,000 sickle cell patients in our community with blood donors who have similar blood characteristics. Dr. Ify works tirelessly to educate and advocate for sickle cell disease patients. One of her focuses has been to explain the importance of specially matched blood transfusions for sickle cell patients.

CBCC had the opportunity to attend the symposium and share information about our mission with physicians and other members of the medical community and discuss our efforts to maintain an adequate blood supply for patients in our community, especially those who require more specific matches. Donors are needed every day to meet the needs of our local patients. You can help. Call 1-888-59BLOOD to schedule a donation appointment at one of our five donation centers or go online to find a mobile drive near you


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