December 6, 2017

Jeff Gordon Children's Hospital Puppy Delivery


With Puppies for Patients in full swing, CBCC was able to spread some more holiday cheer to the young patients at Jeff Gordon Children’s Hospital. We were joined by WBTV’s Kristen Miranda and The Independent Tribune’s Erin Weeks to deliver puppies and sweet messages from our donors.

As the link between these selfless donors and the patients in need in our community, we take the job of puppy delivery to heart. It means just as much to us as it does to the kids and families we meet each year. Seeing their sweet faces light up when we hand them an adorable stuffed puppy with notes of love and hope reminds of us the incredibly important job everyone at CBCC does every day. A job that cannot be done without the support of our community.

Thank you to everyone who made this special delivery possible for us and for the children at JGCH. We can’t wait to do it again next year!


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