June 14, 2018

World Blood Donor Day


Happy World Blood Donor Day!

On this wonderful day set aside to spotlight the incredible people who step up to give the life-changing and life-saving gift of blood, we wanted to give you an update on our proposed #BloodDonorEmoji.

We cannot thank you all enough for your continued support of the emoji and, more importantly, the cause. Thousands of people, groups and organizations from all across the globe have reached out to show their support for this movement. Your comments have been incredible, and we are so thankful to have had you all along for this journey.

While our first proposal did not make the cut at the Unicode Consortium, we think it was with good reason: A blood drop emoji has been short-listed for release in Emoji 12.0!  

This list of draft candidates will be finalized in September. If the blood drop emoji is approved, it will be out early next year!

While we certainly see this proposed blood drop emoji as a huge step forward in raising awareness about the need for blood donations, we still think there’s room for a blood donor emoji to celebrate the people who make those donations. We are reworking our proposal and plan to resubmit for review with the hopes of being included in next year’s list of candidates.

Follow us at as we keep you all updated along the way!

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