Blood Education

So you just donated blood or platelets... now what? Where does that pint-sized bag go after you leave the donor bed?

First your blood is transported back to the CBCC lab where it is stored in temperature-controlled coolers.

Vials of your blood are sent to a testing facility to ensure that your blood is safe to transfuse to patients.

Once your blood is given the “all-clear,” whole blood is separated into the three different blood products: red cells, plasma and platelets.

Those three products are then distributed to the local hospitals in your area. CBCC is the primary blood supplier to 27 regional hospitals including the Carolinas Healthcare system, the Blue Ridge Healthcare system and more.

Upon arrival at the hospital, your blood product is then used to heal or sustain local patients in desperate need of blood – primarily cancer, cardiac and transplant patients.

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Charlotte Center

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Charlotte, NC 28209

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