About Hosting

In order for your organization to host a blood drive, you must have an assigned volunteer chairperson in place. Below is an overview of the steps involved when hosting a drive. Please contact us for more information.

When & Where

As the Volunteer Chairperson of the blood drive, you need to choose a date, time and place that will accommodate the largest number of donors.

Decide on a Goal

You and the CBCC Representative assigned to your drive will determine an achievable goal for your blood drive. Once this goal is set, it becomes part of the average daily supply our hospitals rely on to meet the needs of local patients.

Get Others Involved

Depending upon the size of your organization, it may be best to establish a blood drive committee of outgoing, dependable people who will help to ensure that your organization meets its blood drive goal.

Marketing Materials

Your CBCC Representative will provide you with a variety of materials designed to help get the word out, including posters, table tents, flyers, paycheck stuffers, and other tools for publicizing your blood drive. Your representative can also make educational/motivational presentations to prospective donors, as well as provide text to be included in a company newsletter.

Sign 'Em Up

CBCC encourages the use of sign-up sheets whenever possible. An appointment schedule cuts down on donors’ wait time, minimizes interference in their daily routines, and will help you accurately measure progress toward your goal. You can also utilize our online scheduling system at www.carolinadonor.org.

It's Personal!

The most important ingredient in creating a successful blood drive is personal contact. Studies have shown that the most common reason people have not donated is because no one has asked them. Keep your approach positive and explain that giving blood is one of the most important, rewarding, and compassionate things a person can do. Be enthusiastic—it’s contagious.

Evaluate the Drive

Ask for donors' comments. Review the results with your CBCC Representative to help improve future drives. Remember to send in your chairperson survey form. Your experiences and insights can help us all serve the community better.

Contact us to schedule your blood drive today! You can also call us at 704-972-4729 or sponsorinfo@cbcc.us.

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