Chairperson Checklist

Recruiting donors is a challenging task that we cannot accomplish without your help. Your support as the blood drive chairperson in your organization will greatly impact the success of your blood drive. Many potential first-time donors are apprehensive about donating blood. They need information, assurance and encouragement from you, the blood drive chairperson. They may even be waiting for you to ask them personally to donate blood.

As the chairperson, you are the key factor in the blood drive’s success. To maximize your organization’s contribution, a chairperson must:


people on the blood donation process and the importance of giving blood.


the blood drive with your CBCC representative.


the members of your organization to participate.


The best way to get someone to donate is to personally ask them!


Step 1: Set a Date and Plan the Space


Reach out to your CBCC representative to confirm the availability of the location for the blood drive (a mobile unit or inside location), the date and hours that work for you and your group.  Please remember that you will need to choose an adequately sized location that is well-lit and has efficient space for equipment and guests. (Your representative can help you with this).  The location also needs to have the ability for temperature control, as blood drives should be kept at 65-68 degrees to help prevent any negative donor reactions.  For the comfort of all involved in your drive, restrooms should be within 200 feet of the donation location. 

Step 2: Get the Word Out

(4 weeks before the event)

  • Distribute, post and put up the marketing materials you receive from CBCC to promote your drive.
  • Email your employees/group to inform them of the blood drive.  If you are allowing community participation, remind them to invite family and friends to also sign up.  Include the link to donation requirements and a link to make appointments –, along with your sponsor code.
  • Post the blood drive information on any intranet, social media outlet or communications tool you may use.  Get creative!
  • Access your list of past donors from our online scheduling tool through the chairperson portal. If you forget your username or password, please call our office at 1-888-59BLOOD and we'll be happy to help!
  • Confirm the location and hour details with your CBCC representative. 
  • Determine the location and hours of sign-up tables.
  • Review the educational materials and share these with your group of potential donors.
  • Contact your CBCC representative to schedule educational presentations.  

Step 3: Inspire Commitments and Encourage Appointments

(2 weeks before the event)

  • Continue “asking” people to donate.  The number one reason people do not donate blood is that they have never been personally asked!  The personal “ask” is so very important!
  • Email reminders to your group about the blood drive.  Include the link to donation requirements and a link to make appointments –, along with your sponsor code.
  • Remind donors to begin eating iron-rich foods now in preparation for donation.  Low iron-level is a very common reason people cannot donate blood.  By preparing 2 weeks out from the drive, chances increase that they will be successful!
  • Contact your CBCC representative to discuss last-minute details of the drive.
  • Remember, we are here to help you, every step of the way!

Step 4: Last Minute Details

(1-2 Days Before the event)

  • Make sure the site of the drive is cleared and ready for our team.
  • Set the thermostat to 65-68 degrees in plenty of time for the site of the drive to cool off before we arrive.  Donor reactions increase significantly if the temperature is not within this range, so please help us ensure the safety of the donors.
  • Remind donors about their appointments for the drive via email and/or phone calls. Continue to send out last minute reminders and encourage more sign-ups so they can become heroes to local patients as well! 
  • Remember to let your CBCC representative know the final number of appointments you were able to attain so the drive is adequately staffed and equipped. 
  • Remind donors to drink plenty of water and eat a good meal before donating!
  • Remind donors to bring a current, officially-issued photo ID including: address, gender, date of birth and signature (like a drivers’ license). 

Step 5: Go!

(The Day of the event)

  • CBCC staff will arrive approximately 30-40 minutes before the drive begins. 
  • Stay in contact with the CBCC Team Manager during the drive to check the status of the drive and progress toward your goal.
  • Take photos of donors at your drive and share them via social media.  Tweet @CBCCarolinas or tag Community Blood Center of the Carolinas on Facebook so we can retweet or repost.
  • Communicate the progress toward the goal with your organization throughout the drive.
  • Most importantly, pat yourself on the back for organizing an event that helps those in need!  It takes everyone working together to ensure patients have the support they need, and we are grateful for your time and effort. 

Step 6: After the Drive

  • Send thank-you cards or emails to donors and volunteers.
  • Share photos, goal attainment status and other fun drive details with your group.
  • Book your next blood drive with CBCC and continue making a lasting difference!

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