{meet} Doris

Stanley, NC

“My life was saved...

Doris started donating blood when she was 19.  It was so easy.  She gave about three gallons, never thinking that someday she would need blood too.  That all changed when the doctor told her she had breast cancer.  Over the next four years, she had 12 surgeries and needed a lot of blood during those operations.

Years later, Doris was told that her aortic valve was failing and needed to be replaced. During the surgery, she needed three units of red blood cells, two units of plasma and a unit of platelets.

Thanks to blood donated by local donors like you, Doris is still here with her family enjoying life each day, one day at a time.

CBCC is the primary blood supplier to the region’s patients and hospitals. Every Drop Stays Here. Saving Local Lives.

By local donors like you.”

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Charlotte Center

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