{meet} Johnathan

Gastonia, NC

“I can live life to the fullest...

Hospitalizations and regular blood transfusions are a common part of Johnathan’s life. Since 2008, he has received two units of blood every month to get re-energized and to relieve his intense pain and soreness. Born with sickle cell, Johnathan has maintained a ‘can-do’ attitude despite enduring decades of pain.

“Sickle cell is something I live with,” says Johnathan, who lost his older sister to sickle cell. “While it has been good and bad, I have learned to make plans and deal with life.”

In addition to spending time with family and playing basketball, one of Johnathan’s favorite activities is volunteering at the Boys & Girls Club where he has been involved for nearly 40 years. 

“Those who donate blood put a smile on my face and make me feel proud. Their donation can help save a life and make a patient more comfortable - if even for a day.”

CBCC is the primary blood supplier to the region’s patients and hospitals.

Every Drop Stays Here. Saving Local Lives.

Thanks to local donors like you.”

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