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Fort Mill, SC

“I can dance...

When Libby was not even two, her parents were told their little girl had an inoperable optic pathway glioma – a brain tumor of the optic nerve. The tumor underwent several unanticipated changes, resulting in blindness in her left eye. Not a candidate for radiation due to her young age, Libby endured a 60-week regimen of chemotherapy which significantly shrunk the tumor.

During her treatment, Libby received four blood transfusions – two during surgeries and two when she became anemic during chemotherapy. It is donors like you who saved Libby’s life. “It was scary to think about Libby needing transfusions,” said her mom, Kelly. “It confirmed for me just how serious her situation was, but you could see her body really needed the blood.”

Libby’s tumor and right eye are closely monitored on a regular basis. Despite the challenges of her treatments and her “eye boo-boo,” Libby maintains a true love for life and enjoys dancing, running and playing with her two big sisters. CBCC is the primary blood supplier to the region’s patients and hospitals.

She is a living testament to the life-changing importance of giving blood. Please call and make an appointment to donate today.

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Thanks to donors like you.”

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