{meet} Madison

Waxhaw, NC

“Madison’s future is brighter...

When she was only 16 hours old, seemingly healthy Madison began losing excessive amounts of blood. Doctors discovered a ruptured blood vessel close to a major artery in her stomach that was threatening her life.

The surgical procedure that saved Maddi’s life would not have been possible without community blood donors, who donated the blood that kept Madison alive for 24 hours and 8 transfusions until she could be diagnosed and treated.

Madison’s sisters, Hailey and Karli, along with their mom and dad are thankful for local blood donors like you. It was your blood donation with CBCC that saved Madison’s life.

CBCC is the primary blood supplier to the region’s patients and hospitals.

Every Drop Stays Here. Saving Local Lives.

Because of local donors like you.”

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Donation Location Near:

Charlotte Center

4447 South Boulevard

Charlotte, NC 28209

Today's Hours: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm

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