{meet} Reid

Rock Hill, SC

“I can play tag with my little brother...

In less than 12 short hours, Reid went from being a normal four-year-old boy - whose only care in the world was getting pushed on a swing by his father - to a cancer patient with a Leukemia diagnosis.

It all began on a spring afternoon when Reid’s mom noticed a circular black bruise that looked like a spider bite on his arm. After Reid also complained of an earache, they kept him home from school and scheduled a visit to the pediatrician. Blood work confirmed that his hemoglobin and platelets were low, and his white blood cell count was slightly elevated. As the diagnosis unfolded, the family was told they needed to see a Pediatric Hematologist/Oncologist immediately. Further tests validated their worst fears: Reid has Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, or A.L.L.

To rid his body of the disease, Reid has received steroids and nine different chemotherapy medicines. He also receives regular blood transfusions to replenish his body with energy and healthy blood cells.

He continues his fight against cancer with the support of family, friends and local donors like you.

Today, Reid is able to enjoy doing the things that most boys his age do: he plays with monster trucks and dreams of one day building cars. 

CBCC is the primary blood supplier to the region’s patients and hospitals.

Every Drop Stays Here. Saving Local Lives.

Thanks to donors like you.”

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