{meet} Carter

Maiden, NC

“We were given the gift of time...

 Carter began racing to beat the odds while in utero. He was diagnosed with hypoplastic left heart syndrome during his 18-week ultrasound. 21 weeks later, Carter was born and lived at a local hospital for four months. He underwent open heart surgery at just four days old and again at three months old before heading home to Maiden, NC on Father’s Day.

The timing of his homecoming was just one of the many special ways Carter gave something back to his parents. On Mother’s Day, he hit the minimum weight requirement for his second open-heart surgery.  On his parents’ anniversary, he said his first words – “mama” and “dada.”

He loved to climb, run, wrestle, talk and have sleepovers with his cousins. His biggest passion was anything with wheels – especially playing with toy cars and watching his dad race at East Lincoln Motor Speedway.

Despite enduring multiple surgeries (requiring numerous blood transfusions), Carter became an active two-year-old.

When you donate at CBCC, you’re giving families like Carter’s the gift of time. Sadly, Carter lost his battle in 2012, but his parents are ever grateful to CBCC and local donors like you for giving blood and keeping their son with them for over two years.

 CBCC is the primary blood supplier to the region’s patients and hospitals. Every Drop Stays Here. Saving Local Lives.

Thanks to local donors like you.”

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