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Charlotte, NC

“Blood is the reason I am alive today...

“I am probably the healthiest person on the planet, and I always have been,” said Karla Lever, manager of Carolinas Healthcare Systems EAP.  “When the doctor told me I’d need a blood transfusion, I was scared.”

It was May of 2006 and Karla was about to give birth.  She was healthy and planned to deliver naturally.  But when the nurse seemed concerned and went to get the doctor, Karla started to worry.

“I was bleeding and the doctor didn’t know where it was coming from,” said Karla.  “The next morning they took my hemoglobin and it was a 6.1.”

When Karla was told she had to have a blood transfusion, she asked if she could think about it.  The answer was no – it had to be done that day.

It was just such a surreal moment for me to need it. There was nothing wrong with me, I take no medications - it was a shock. But I'm so happy it was available."

“I didn’t realize I could have died if I hadn’t gotten the blood,” Karla said. “That blood is the reason I am alive today to take care of my child who is eight years old.”

Karla, whose blood type O-negative, could only receive O-negative blood  (less than 10 percent of the population).  Luckily, someone in our community gave those needed units that went to Karla in her time of need.

Now, Karla tries to donate as often as she can – and her blood can be used to help any patient (as she is the universal donor).  She encourages others to donate as well. 

“It’s a pretty rare opportunity to be able to save someone’s life, and this might be your chance,” she says.

...to take care of my child.”

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