Thank you for the tickets and the t-shirt! The intake person and blood tech were very professional and caring. The atmosphere on the bus was fun and supportive. I made friends. I am an RN (retired), so my standards are high!

Mobile Blood Drive Donor 01/16/2018

Staff were fantastic and explained everything.

Charlotte Center Donor 01/16/2018

 It was a quick and easy experience.

Charlotte Center Donor 01/16/2018

The ladies were very friendly and made me feel completely at ease. They all have wonderful personalities and are very caring.

Concord Center Donor 01/16/2018

The Gastonia staff are amazing!

Gastonia Center Donor 01/15/2018

I am glad I am able to help save someone's life. Thanks for your service.

Greensboro Center Donor 01/15/2018

The woman who took my information was very courteous and very thorough.

Mobile Blood Drive Donor 01/14/2018

CBCC has very friendly staff!


Hickory Center Donor 01/13/2018

Thank you all for all you do!

Mobile Blood Drive Donor 01/12/2018

I always have a very good experience at this center. The people are very friendly and very good at their jobs.

Greensboro Center Donor 01/12/2018

Great staff and experience!

Hickory Center Donor 01/12/2018

The phlebotomist was amazing!! She was kind and gentle. We had a lovely chat. She made my morning!

Mobile Blood Drive Donor 01/11/2018

This was my first time giving blood, so I was very nervous. Despite my nervousness, everyone made me feel comfortable. I started getting dizzy a few minutes into the donation and everyone was there to help. I couldn't have asked for anything more! Thank you for allowing me to participate in helping others!

Mobile Blood Drive Donor 01/11/2018

Staff were fantastic! Best donation experience I have ever had. I had no bruising! 

Mobile Blood Drive Donor 01/09/2018

I love the consistency here. The same person has always taken my blood. They are very personable, skilled, and genuine.

Concord Center Donor 01/09/2018

The whole process ran smoothly and I felt well cared for.

Greensboro Center Donor 01/09/2018

Staff did an awesome job! I will be back!

Hickory Center Donor 01/09/2018

I enjoyed donating!

Mobile Blood Drive Donor 01/08/2018

I love the staff! They make me feel so important. 

Hickory Center Donor 01/08/2018

The staff were very kind and they were very thankful for my donation.

Mobile Blood Drive Donor 01/07/2018

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Charlotte Center

4447 South Boulevard

Charlotte, NC 28209

Today's Hours: 10:00 am - 8:00 pm

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