What is Sickle Cell Disease?

Sickle Cell Disease is a genetic blood disorder that causes healthy round red blood cells to sickle into a crescent shape.  This prevents the red cells from delivering oxygen properly throughout the body, and often leads to severe pain when the sickled cells stick together causing blockages in the vessels. This can also result in tissue damage, serious infections and even stroke. In order to prevent or manage these side-effects, transfusions of healthy blood is often necessary on a regular basis.  One in 10 African Americans carry the Sickle Cell Trait.  If they have a child with someone who has the Trait or the Disease, they have a chance of delivering a child with Sickle Cell Disease.  In North Carolina, one in 360 African Americans are born with Sickle Cell Disease – it is the most common inherited blood disorder.


What can I do?

Spread the Word | You can start now by sharing the link to this information on your Facebook and other social media outlets.

Host a Blood Drive | We’re always looking for passionate people to host a drive to help meet the local need for blood. 

Tell Your Sickle Story | Do you, a friend or family member have sickle cell disease? We would love to hear and share your story.

Become an Ambassador | Join our Carolinas Sickle Cell Collaborative, which brings together people and organizations dedicated to making a difference in the lives of local SCD patients. Email or call us for more information: 704-972-4727.

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